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tv   Second Look  FOX  December 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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life insurance from new york life can help your family keep good going. up next on a second look, air fighter captain in bosnia, a sea captain off the coast of africa. world war ii prisoners a toddler on a railroad track. a dramatic rescue saved their lives they are on a second look tonight. hello. welcome to a second look. tonight dramatic rescues.
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in 95 scotto greedy wasson forcing the -- wasp enforcing the notice flight zone in bosnia. he contacted the u.s. military which triggered the effort to bring him home. >> words almost never heard about events in bosnia were heard today. good news. this is 29-year-old air force captain scott o'grady being brought back shortly after u.s. marines rescued him in a daring raid this morning. six days ago bosnia serbs shot down his f-16 with a surface-to-
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air missile. he was patrol willing a united nations no-fly zone. we didn't know if he was alive or not. nobody had any concrete evidence. >> and the families anguish grew worse when the serbs claimed they had captured the pilot and holding him hostage. when u.s. military officials first started radio signals from o'grady, they feared it was bosnian serbs trying to lure u.s. troops into an ambush. >> we never would give up because we knew scott wouldn't give up. >> in fact scott o'grady was surviving eating bugs and grass and drinking rainwater. sleeping during the day and moving at night to avoid detection. >> finally 2:00 this morning
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o'grady made voice contact through the radio and marines sprung into action. >> we'll get the job done and do it right. >> 40 u.s. aircraft took off this morning. fighter jets, attack helicopter and radar planes. after he lit a flare, go helicopter landed on a hilltop. marines saw o'grady through the brush. >> he came running 20 meters out, came running up. i got out of the plane and escorted him back and got him in the aircraft. to see him running through the brush covered in sweat and water, with his pistol in his hand, making his way to the aircraft, it's not a scene i'll forget. serbs tried to shoot them down as they took off. one of the rescue helicopter
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had bullet holes. but no rescue were injured and for his ordeal scott o'grady suffered only a small burp on his neck. >> his words were how are you doing. and i thought, how am i doing. what are you doing. >> we're going crazy, we were hugging each other and screaming and we were elated. fantastic. >> we're overwhelmed with joy, i got the kids up and we started yelling. i have to be careful. i mice lose it. >> basically, i want to tell you if it wasn't for god and the miracle that he basically
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blessed me with as far as being able to stay alive and fright you all it wouldn't be possible without his love and your prayers, when i was out there i heard all your prayers, i heard them all loud and clear. [music] muse >> still to come, it become the subject of a movie. a rescue of a sea captain held hostage by somali pirates. we'll bring you the coverage as it was unfolding. >> today it is a tourist attraction, but in world war ii it saved prisoners of war from the sought china sea.
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. welcome back to a second look. when pirates took over mess:00 alabama -- maersk alabama it became the subject of a film. randy reported on that pirate attack in april of 2009. president obama was roused from bed in the middle of the night with the news. the maersk alabama and the crew was carrying food relief to kenya when pirates approached in 60s like these carrying automatic weapons and took the crew hostage. the second in command made a cell phone call to his wife. i said have they tortured you or hurt you.
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he said they have not had anything to drink or eat. they've been kept in a room, he wasn't safe. the crew regained control of the ship but the pirates took the captain hostage. >> we had one of their hostages, we had a pirate, we took and kept him for 12 hours. we tied him up. we returned him but they didn't return the captain. today is the latest in a spirals surge of piracy off the horn of africa. there's been 60 this year. no one skilled because -- killed because ship owners pay millions of dollars in ransom. this could be different. the biggest mistake they made today they took an american ship. this is the first one. they took an american ship. >> modern piracy is so
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commonplace that schools have had to change their curriculum. the academy teaches how to avoid piracy. have lights on around the ship, so people don't approach in the dark. have crews with fire hoses to repel anyone coming up over the rail. students are not taught how to use firearms. many of explosives and shootouts can be dangerous. captain richard phillips belies his hair-raising ordeals which started wednesday. >> they were pointing the ak-47 at the captain. >> the standoff ended with a order issued to the military. it gave the snipers permission to fire if the captain's life was in danger. phillips may have jumped out of the boat which allowed snipers a chance to fire.
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three pirates were killed and the fourth turned himself in. the captain has not spoken publically but spoke with friends and colleagues who screen him as -- describe him as a hero. >> i'm just the by line, the heroes are those that brought me home. that's his quote. >> president obama praised the u.s. military and the freighters captain. >> i share the nation's admiration for captain phillips selfless concern for his crew. he's america's newest reluctant hero. he's back on american soil giving credit. they did the impossible. >> those men are the three navy s.e.a.l. snipers that fired three shots
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into a rocking lifeboat where phillips was held hostage for five days killing all three on board. >> we survived because of our captain. the 19 crew members were first to call captain phillips a hero for saving their lives when he surrounded in exchange for his crew. i'm not the hero, the military is. thank them when you see them. >> piracy has been a problem off africa, patrols by naval vessels could do only so much. as a result a lot of companies put their own armed guards on board. in june of 2009, ben wedeman showed guards training in israel. >> the ship is under attack somewhere out of sight pirates are trying to climb on board.
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>> the bullets are blanks. and there's no pirates in the northern israeli port. an israeli security firm is holding it's first antipiracy course. ships being instructed. >> earlier this year private israeli guards on a cruise ship thwarted an attack off the eastern african coast where somali pirates capture dozens of ships. the security company which has no connection with the guards from the italian cruise ship is trying to cash in. we do not give up. we do not give up.
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we create conditions that -- i will say the american bay. we give them an offer they cannot refuse. >> a web i can hide it. use it in close. >> the course participants are playing the role of pirates boarding the ship. instructioners hope the graduates will make it tiff for anyone to get this close. >> they believe with armed and potentially dangerous guards on board ships, the pirates themselves may end up walking the plank. the arms fords on the ships have had? affect. somali pirates hit the maersk alabama again, but the second
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time those life at security guards fired on the pirates and fought off the attack. when we come back, the dramatic rescue at sea that began when a submarine torpedoes a japanese convoy and found out it was carrying allied prisoners of war.
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. >> tonight we remember dramatic rescues and one involves a submarine that's a tourist attraction at fisherman wharf. it torpedoes a convoy of japanese ships and some of the survivors were prices in of war -- prisoners of war. in 2001, george watson recounted the story. there she lays the relic of a
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war 60 years gone. today she's a fishermans wharf tourist attraction. but this will be be some maritime sense of unnatural mystery to the submarine, men who take her down to wage war be neat the ocean waves. >> who would want to life in a sub human situation that you live in a submarine, it's a miserable living. >> in september of 194 the sub set sail on the third war patrol. they were en route to the south china sea between the philippines and formosa. the mission was to attack japanese shipping anywhere and everywhere. the most memorable action in world war ii did involve the synch willing of a japanese ship but it was what -- sinking
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of a japanese ship but what they did after was the claim to fame. september 12, they especially counter a convoy of 12 ships. at this moment a horrible mistake would reshape the history. >> unknown, two of the ships in the convoy were carrying prisoners of war. they were on two of the ships that were torpedoes. >> more than 2000 p.o.w. went into the water. 1500 were not accounted for. 650 were picked up by the japanese and reshipped to labor camps. three days later the sub came back and a look out spotted what looked to be a makeshift raft with men on it the crew was suspicious. >> people in the water sometimes japanese would use people that would be decoys and
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underneath was a vessel that would jump you. >> initially we were thinking they were japanese survivors and we were going to shoot them off the raft. that was the drill. one of the men stood up and waved his hat and calling out in edge. >> it began to dawn what had happened. quickly and gently as the sea would allow the crew began to bring to survivers on board. these men under nourished to begin were suffering from three years of harsh imprisonment and four days adrift in the ocean. 73 came aboard the sub. being or the speeded was the
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best -- torpedoes was the best thing. first they would be sent to january to work in a dole minoring in -- coal miner something like that. which was a death sentence. >> very hot, no sanitation. they were torpedoed and drifted for days. this submarine brought them to health. the pharmacist took cake of, care of them. only one would die. the crew began by cleaning the oil off, dressing the sores and giving them as much food as they could handle. they began to come around. for the first time in years they moved out of the shadow of debt and found life. what bitter irony had tasted sweeter. the men would be transported to the american held island of siapan, a five day's journey.
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when they arrived they were rested and eating ice cream. pearl harbor would be the next stop for the former prisoners of war on their journey home. the americans had taken good care of them. >> gave your life back. >> it will be hard to look at this submarine floating at fisherman's wharf and think of it as another cog in the machinery of war. a life taker by design it would be remembered as a lifesaver. >> when we come back on a second look, a rile -- railroad cruise that saved a toddler from a oncoming twain. -- train.
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. >> imagine the horror if a train engineer saw a toddler on the tracks and couldn't stop in time. in 89 bob mckenzie told us about the rescue that saved the child's life. >> it would be hard to find a family that feels closer than this one. gary pritchard, his wife, kate, their sonsed to and -- todd and scott and anthony. they consider him part of the family. anthony risked his life to save
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their children. on may 2 of this year, anthony and his brake man were starting their freight run from the conrail yard. since there was a passenger train ahead of them they had to proceed slower. the pritchard children did something they had never done before. the boys walked through the woods at the end of the street and headed toward the railroad tracks. a freight train is slow to get going and slower to get stopped. that's why the men that drive trains have to be alert. on that morning richard was alert. he saw a red object and a yellow object on to rails. >> i said what's that ahead. then i saw the yellow object move. we got 800 feet away we realized it was too small children. richard threw the brake into
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emergency position to stop the train. >> you could tell right away we weren't going to stop in time. not going to stop. i was hoping it would. saying come on stop. saying to the kid, get out of there. >> i realized the train wasn't going to stop. i came out of the front door, across the end platform of the engine and tried to yell for the kids to get away from the track. they didn't understand, and the train got 8 feet away from them i came off the ladder, and i took two strides in front of the locomotive and knocked both children underneath me and the train passed over us, the engine and two cars. >> whether by instint or quick
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judgment he did the only thing that would save the children's lives and his own. rolled over the track. held the boys down and lay still as the train rolled over their heads. there was barely a foot of clear apes. it graced scott opening cuts in his head. i wanted to get on my hands and knees and thank this man. >> in 1999 a helicopter rescue crew plucked a crane. the challenges that they faced and here's bob's report. >> get it to the point. >> millions of television viewers were blew thed to their screens. when a helicopter pilot and a firefighters hanging from a line attempted a rescue the
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drama was more riftets, mcritchie and bob are full time rescue pilots. i asked them to evaluate the work. they said the team hoped to land on the crane and put the man aboard, but that didn't pan out. >> the guy wires we can't see. and they would snag up on the rotar blades and take a disaster to a different level. what looked like a hair-raising ride for the rescuer who flew close to obstructions was probably safer than it appeared. the per expect identify makes the power lines look closer than they are. >> a victim is a poor candidate for self res cute -- rescue. you don't want him to put the harness on himself. they are already whether they
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are hurt or anxiety, they have never done this. it should be a rescuer accompanied line. >> and that's it for this week's second look. we'll see you next week. library.
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